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Engineering Design

Engineering Design Services

The creation of a product (such as a piece of machinery or a line of computer code) that fulfills particular requirements and/or achieves a particular objective is frequently the key to solving an issue. It’s possible that you’re better familiar with the Steps of the Scientific Method, but this procedure is different from those. If your project requires you to make observations and conduct experiments, then the Scientific Method is the approach you should probably take. It is highly recommended that you use the Engineering Design Process (EDP) for your project if it requires designing, constructing, and testing something. You should read “Comparing the Engineering Design Process to the Scientific Method” if you are still unsure about which process to adopt.

If you are having trouble understanding the engineering design process and how it is applied to an experiment or project, the interactive diagram that follows may be of assistance to you. You can acquire additional information by clicking on various components of the diagram. To return to the diagram for further investigation, use the button labeled “return to top” (which is actually labeled “return to top”) on your keyboard.

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Problem Brainstorm Solution

The engineering design process starts when you ask the following questions about problems that you observe:

  • What is the problem or need?
  • Who has the problem or need?
  • Why is it important to solve?

Design requirements state the important characteristics that your solution must meet to succeed. One of the best ways to identify the design requirements for your solution is to analyze the concrete example of a similar, existing product, noting each of its key features.

There are always many good possibilities for solving design problems. If you focus on just one before looking at the alternatives, it is almost certain that you are overlooking a better solution. Good designers try to generate as many possible solutions as they can.

Development involves the refinement and improvement of a solution, and it continues throughout the design process, often even after a product ships to customers.

A prototype is an operating version of a solution. Often it is made with different materials than the final version, and generally it is not as polished. Prototypes are a key step in the development of a final solution, allowing the designer to test how the solution will work.

The design process involves multiple iterations and redesigns of your final solution. You will likely test your solution, find new problems, make changes, and test new solutions before settling on a final design.



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